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Beach Walkers are an Activity,  All Terrain walking aid produced to help people increase their activity level. Beach Walkers are produced on the Gold Coast using low pressure balloon Wheels that are soft to the touch to make you feel like you're walking on a pocket of air making them truly amazing wheels.
Beach Walkers in Paradise® are dedicated to bringing local businesses together in supplying  parts & materials that make up our Beach Walkers giving the smoothest & most comfortable experience possible.
From walks on beach with sand between your toes to spotting the most colourful birds in nature while breathing in that fresh air. We have designed a custom modification to the once standard walker. This was only achievable by the many years of life experiences & stories passed down through my loving family & friends. Our aim is to help people live there lives to the fullest. If this product can help with the comfort & ability of people to achieve their happiness then that is our success.  

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A message from a very happy Beach Walker owner

It may interest some to know that I don't go to the beach with my walker. I would if I lived nearer. I have an auto-immune illness that makes me so weak sometimes that I can't walk.

It also takes away my balance, so I need to hold onto something all the time to prevent a fall. I realized that if I stopped walking I would end up in a chair. So I procured a walker, but as you know the standard wheels on walkers are small and hard.


I use the footpath for my walking and those small hard wheels pick up every irregularity on the pathway--twigs, cracks, holes etc. What this does is jar your eyeballs out when trying to walk. Hence, Beach Walkers in Paradise® to the rescue. This has made a massive difference for me. I can use my legs now and its like gliding over air. I recommend this machine. It's taken me to a new level, and helped me feel more positive about my situation. -Ron A.


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